How To Dry Clean Clothes At Home?

The first step is to always find the label on the clothing article to be cleaned and look for care instructions placed on the label. You should find the words “Dry Clean Only” in this category. This means that clothes cannot be thrown into a regular washing machine and washed with detergent and water.

Why is it important to dry such clothes clean? Well, if you do not, you may end up with irreparable damage to the fabric. Examples of fabrics that require these methods are silk, rayon, and wool blending. The damage that they will suffer when they are cleaned in the wrong way shrinks, bleeds from the colors and changes its shape.

The process requires the use of a chemical solvent (known to most people as a “dry cleaning fluid”). The most common chemical solvent required is perchloroethylene (known as perc.) Experience has shown that this solvent is quite effective in removing grease and oil-based stains from clothing. However, you should be careful when using the solvent because inhaling its smoke can make you very sick. This is also why it is very important to remove all the incense from clothing after cleaning because some people even find tiny amounts of perc to be very troublesome to the throat, nose, and eyes.

If you choose dry cleaning for your clothes, there are some household appliances available to the public. These groups perform the same function as shops, but their components may differ from solvents used in commercial dry cleaning. In general, household dry cleaning kits contain a reusable bag, an active dryer cloth, and a stain remover. Others may also include pads that absorb stains.

Before you can dry-clean, you need to process the fabric of clothing in advance using a stain remover. The stain remover is often water-based, so any water-based stains (such as soup) can easily be removed. There may be some detergents and/or oil ingredients in this stain remover as well. Although it may seem funny to use a water-based solution for pre-treated clothing, there is only a small amount of water so your clothes do not hurt.

The solvent will be necessary if the stains on your clothes cover a very large area. But put a small amount of solvent on a hidden part of your clothes first – this will indicate if the fabric is solid enough to withstand the use of a solvent. You can then go to the dry cleaning process indicated in your home kit box. Keep in mind that you may need to own a dryer if you choose dry cleaning at home.